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We believe everyone
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formal and innovative financial services

Join GlobeOne in our mission to end financial exclusion and help billions take control of their future.

80% of people worldwide have no meaningful savings.
3.5 Billion struggle to make payments, build credit, purchase insurance and build better lives.

How we got here


Banks have historically focused on serving those with the highest incomes, often neglecting those who need them the most.

Financial literacy

Financial products are confusing, the long contracts make them worse, and public education largely neglects personal finance.

About GlobeOne

GlobeOne is a worldwide membership company.

Financial health

We’re committed to improving people’s financial health.

Ethical products

We only endorse products and services that support inclusion and financial mobility.

Favourable rates

Products and services at rates lower than you can find elsewhere.



GlobeOne’s first endorsed service

A lot of other mobile products offer basic banking services, but only through Meed can users worldwide earn a recurring income stream. Through its unique SocialBoost feature, you help Meed spread the word and Meed’s Member Banks will help you earn, save and share!

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We are global

GlobeOne currently has members in 55 countries.

GlobeOne is open for membership everywhere in the world, and we’ll be endorsing more innovative services worldwide as fast as our partners can develop them.

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